One month in!

We are one month in to the Bats and Pools Survey! Thank you to all who have participated and to all first time visitors to the site! Whether you observe bats and other wildlife at your pool or not, if you own, use or maintain a pool on a regular basis, your responses are valuable to our research.

If you are a first time visitor, CLICK HERE to be linked to the survey page.

Any help in distribution will be very much appreciated by the Center of Bat Research, Outreach, and Conservation. Please feel free to distribute this message and web address to listservs or other contacts in North America. We are interested in gathering data from a diverse array of pool users. Thanks again for your time and participation!


One thought on “One month in!

  1. I’m a rehabber / researcher and I got a bat in last year figured I was going to get a polizer prizer for finding a new species a skunk bat. But after observing initially the bat got hit by pool shock and died it’s back later assumed the bat was electically shocked and it distroyed the pigment cells in the area. other rehabbers have had bats with similar situations. and the outlook isn’t good as with this bat that never could fly and finally died of unknown causes. here is a link to the medical record and pictures we keep on each of my bats. So if your going to shock you pool just be observant you don’t want to tie dye a bat.or worse drown one. I’m going out to work on the pool right now fix crack spray clean paint and fill. maybe I’ll put the batman logo like this guy did for his kids birthday. so I think everyone needs to do this for the bats.

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